Covenant Community Church of Bellwood

Our history

The original church gathered together for the first time in March of 1894 in a storefront on Tuckahoe street, near its current location.  It was made up of a small group of people who originally were members of the Warriors Mark Church of the Brethren.  With time, that small group grew, and plans were made for a permanent meeting place.   The original church building was completed on  December 29, 1895.  The church became a standalone congregation, known as the Bellwood Church of the Brethren, in 1897.   In 1915, the church added 3 classrooms, a baptistery, electric lights, a furnace and new carpet.   In 1925 a basement with restrooms was added under the building.  In 1999, the congregation approved plans to add an addition to the church building.  Construction began in October 2001 and was completed in September 2002.  The addition added space to the sanctuary, enlarged the fellowship hall and added a kitchen.  Restrooms  and additional Sunday School rooms were added and the main entrance was relocated.    In 2017 a lift was installed, making access to the downstairs fellowship hall and classrooms easy for all.

    Beginning in 2016, the membership  began a year long process of studying the marks of a healthy church and taking a serious and honest look at the status of the local congregation.   Just like the historical reformers, the members had a desire to return to Scripture and to attempt to carefully and faithfully rebuild the church based on Biblical truths.  On March 7, 2017, after much prayer and  deliberation, the Bellwood Church of the Brethren voted to withdraw from the Church of the Brethren denomination.    On May 23rd, 2017, new bylaws and a new name were accepted by the membership.   Covenant Community Church of Bellwood was chosen as a name specifically because Reformed Theology is often referred to as Covenantal Theology.     Eventually the members   elected to affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention in 2017. 

    Since  that time, the leadership  has been working to encourage and build up the current members. Covenant offers Sunday school classes for all ages, Sunday morning and evening worship.   There also are Wednesday morning and evening  Bible Studies.  Today Covenant Community  is  a small unified congregation with one desire,  that in everything, Soli Deo Gloria – to God alone be the glory in all things.